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Conference Calling – Must attend UK Tech conferences

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The are hundreds of tech conferences and meet ups in London and across the UK. People often quip that you can eat & drink for free in the tech community by bouncing between events each night.

There is absolutely no way we could maintain an accurate, or relevant, list of events here – it would be a full time job. So rather than try, we will point you to the main sites to research the topics you are personally interested, but as an extra bonus we’ve linked to the stalwart must attend conferences to give you a head start.

You should also check out the sister article to this one, covering London’s Tech Meet ups – Work that room – London meet ups to supercharge your network

Conference Research Sites

To find events that might be right for you, check out these sites.

Must attend conferences

London Technology Week –

A week long celebration of tech in the capital. It’s an umbrella brand for over 300 events spread across the week, attracting 40,000 people. Participating with your own event is a great way to grow your brand awareness.

NOAH Conference –

Established in 2009, NOAH has a reputation for attracting a strong entrepreneurial crowd and associated startup ecosystem players, like Europe’s top VC’s. It has a sister event in Berlin, but the London event tends to be more focused on raising capital.

Techcrunch Disrupt –

This event alternates between London and Berlin, attracting quality speakers and includes the famous Startup Battlefield competition and 24-hour Hackathon.

Web Summit –

A little bit of a cheat, as this event is now based in the Lisbon, but attracts a large number of visitors from the UK, and across the world. It always boosts a world class speaker and content line up, with attendance around the 50,000 mark.

Next Steps

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1 HOUR +: Take the plunge. Sign up for a conference and get out there.

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