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Things have been a little quiet around here. Land and Expand got sidelined a tad by me taking on a new challenge as Managing Director of the brand new shiny Bradfield Centre in Cambridge back in the autumn of 2017.

However, I have been doing some other “stuff”. I completely forgot to announce here that I launched a podcast with my friend Adelina. So this post corrects that error. We are some 11 shows into the run, and you can catch up on iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much every other podcasting platform on the planet!

Go treat your ears!

The concept / format of the show is super simple. Find insights for entrepreneurs and people working in corporate innovation through great conversations.

Are we succeeding in our mission? You be the judge. Our latest show with longtime friend, Jon Bradford, is below.

If you like what you hear, hit subscribe and leave us a review!

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