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Work that room – London meet ups to supercharge your network

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Welcome to our guide to London meet ups, and how to supercharge your network. Make sure you are prepared to invest time getting involved in the local community around you. In our experience the UK Tech Community is open and willing to network over a coffee or something a little harder.

There is so much going on, it can be overwhelming.  Due to the sheer volume of events this article is focused on London, but if you are involved in a meet up outside of the capital, drop us a line and we’ll add you in or perhaps create a separate page for meet ups outside of London.

First off, think thoughtfully about how you and your people can add value – it’s all about authenticity. You should really care about supporting the wider community, and not just approach it as a sales tactic. It doesn’t have to cost money either – time is just as precious as cash. Many meet ups and events rely on volunteers to operate. Encourage your people to get out there and help. If you do have a budget – that always helps 🙂 The community relies on sponsorships to run the hundreds of events that are happening virtually every day of the year.

If you are networking 1:1 always respect people’s time and understand popular people are popular for a reason, so it may take a couple of attempts to grab 30 mins in their schedules. Also follow our golden rule of networking when building out your relationships – give, give, give many times before you ask for anything in return. Don’t just show up to meetings or events looking for people to help you figure out your strategy free of charge or open up their address book to you. There is a good Harvard Business Review article on networking here.

General Tech Meetups

Silicon Drinkabout

London OpenCoffee Weekly Meetup ~10,000 members.

Lean Startup Circle London ~3,800 members

London Silicon Roundabout – London Tech Meetups ~6,000 members

Silicon Roundabout ~11,300 members

Mini Bar ~7,500

The Product Group ~3,000 members

Technical Meetups

PHP London ~5,000 members

London Software Craftsmanship Community ~3,700 members

Hackathons and Jams UK ~4,000 members

London Android ~4,000 members

London Python ~3,000 members

The London Web ~4,800 members

HN London ~8,000 members

Hacks Hackers ~4,300 members


To find more events that might be right for you, check out these sites.

Next Steps

5 MINUTES: Lets talk. Click this link to book in a 30 min conversation

1 HOUR +: Take the plunge. Sign up for a meet up and get out there.


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