Purveyors of Growth

LAND & EXPAND is a Developer Relations Agency.

If you are thinking of engaging with developers or want to up level your existing program we can help.

We offer proven DevRel strategies that have been successfully executed with companies of all sizes and at all stages – from high growth through to multinational Enterprises. Our approach has been proven in the field, and our team is exclusively made up of people that have done this before.

You can also outsource your developer go to market activities to us. Pilot new programs & tactics or give us the whole thing, soup to nuts. Relax in the confidence you have specialists working on your program, without the time, hassle, and expense of hiring.

You can engage with us in a number of ways – picking from our most popular services, or bespoke consultancy & project work, content creation, speaking opportunities, mentoring, and advisory.

“James is a pleasure to work with and we have great feedback on his interaction with the people we’ve connected him to. From site time performance, we know the content in the series resonates with our audience and we use it across all our social channels.”

– Louise Conolly-Smith, Senior Key Account Manager, London & Partners 


“James immediately understood what we were trying to accomplish. His industry knowledge and connections are invaluable, and he is generous with both. James sees the bigger picture faster than most people. He synthesizes complex ideas and helps overcome roadblocks by suggesting simple experiments or next steps. He even introduced us to resources across the planet.”

– Paul Murphy, CEO, Clarify 

“Land and Expand quickly understood our business, our customers and our market. They gave us a compelling game plan which was not only well thought through and well structured, but importantly had the credibility to gain wide acceptance across the business.”

 Todd Latham– Todd Latham, CMO, CurrencyCloud

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